Complaints Procedure

Effective Date: 29th February 2024


Christine Howell Artist views complaints as valuable feedback to improve and evolve, and as an opportunity to rectify issues for the individuals or organisations involved.

Our Policy Involves:

  • Establishing a fair and understandable complaints procedure for anyone wishing to lodge a complaint.
  • Publicising our complaints procedure to ensure awareness of how to raise concerns.
  • Ensuring all Christine Howell Artist team members are trained to handle complaints effectively.
  • Striving for fair and timely investigations of all complaints.
  • Aiming to resolve complaints satisfactorily and mend relationships where feasible.
  • Collecting data from complaints to enhance our services and operations.

Definition of a Complaint 

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction, justified or not, regarding any aspect of Christine Howell Artist’s operations or activities.

Source of Complaints 

Complaints can originate from any individual, volunteer, or organisation with a legitimate interest in Christine Howell Artist. This includes feedback received verbally, via phone, email, or in writing. This procedure does not cover internal staff grievances, which are addressed through Christine Howell Artist’s internal policies.


Complaint information will be treated with sensitivity, only shared with those who need to know, and in compliance with relevant data protection laws.


The ultimate responsibility for this policy and its implementation lies with Christine Howell.


This policy is regularly reviewed and updated as necessary.

Contact Details for Complaints 

Complaints can be sent to Christine Howell at [email protected]. Verbal complaints may be made in person to any Christine Howell Artist staff member.

Receiving Complaints 

Complaints received by phone or in person should be recorded by the staff member who receives them, noting the complainant’s details, their relationship to Christine Howell Artist, and the nature of the complaint. The complainant should be informed about our complaints procedure, including the next steps and expected time frame.

Resolving Complaints 

Stage One:

  • Complaints are ideally resolved by the person responsible for the issue. If unresolved, the information is passed to Christine Howell within five business days.
  • Christine logs the complaint and assigns an appropriate person to investigate and resolve it.
  • Complaints are acknowledged within five working days, with an expected timeframe for a definitive reply, ideally within a month.

Stage Two:

  • If unresolved at Stage One, the complainant can request a review at a senior level.
  • A designated senior person investigates the complaint.
  • A definitive reply is provided within a month, where possible.

Variation of Procedure 

Christine Howell may alter the procedure if necessary, for instance, to prevent conflicts of interest.

Monitoring and Learning 

Complaints are analysed annually to identify trends and areas for improvement.

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